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Assembly Instructions

Retractable Management Unit – Assembly Instruction The assembly instructions are ready for our first release of the RMU Mk3 Filament Buffer! Everything is going according

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RMU-Mk3 model variations

RMU-Mk3 Model Variations The RMU-Mk3 filament buffer comes in two model variations. The Mod-S and Mod-T.  The Mod-S is our original filament buffer designed exclusively

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facts about the RMU

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BF001: Completed printed buffer

We offer to produce and supply the complete RMU-Mk3. The total print time is nearly three days which some people may find onerous. The complete kit comes supplied with all the fittings pre-assembled so all you have to do is attach the top, base and the brackets and Teflon tubes.

You will receive all the component parts of the RMU-Mk3 plus a bill of materials, links to assembly instructions, tips and tricks and any other resources we think you might find useful.