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The place to read about the RMU Filament Buffer, the best Tower Buffer available.

Prusament and Prusa supplies in the UK

We now supply Prusament and Prusa accessories in the UK. With the advent of Brexit, getting Prusament and Prusa spares has proven to be a problem. The import duty and carriage for anyone buying from Europe has proven very expensive. So,

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Free RMU Mk3 add-on from Gregor Trierscheid

Free RMU Mk3 add-on from Gregor Trierscheid Previous Next Gregor has kindly let us add this little add-on he has created for the RMU Mk3 Filament Buffer. Gregor has modified his RMU to mount onto a cabinet as you can see

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MK2.5 RMU brackets are now available

Now you can attach your RMU MK3 unit to your MK2.5 printer. A big thank you to Chris Riley for helping us test these brackets. These brackets allow the RMU to remain in the exact same place as the MK3 printer

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Bear Frame brackets are now available

Your requests have been heard and the brackets to allow the RMU MK3 to attach seamlessly to the bear frame are now tested and complete. The RMU brackets replace the existing electronics box brackets to hold the RMU as close to

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