An RMU Mk3 Filament Buffer review from France

One of our early customers has emailed to tell us about his RMU. So below are his own words for which we are extremely grateful. this is from Thor (Not the guy with the big hammer as far as we know!) who purchased a BF002 and printed the RMU himself.

📦 arrived today, and assembled as soon as the kids were in bed!

The design quality is exceptional, it’s s apparent how much work has gone it to this, absolutely worth it!


Still waiting for a couple hours more for my current print to finish before connecting to the MMU. Couldn’t wait to attach it though WRO had to move my hand together with the extruder 😆


(Yeah I ran out of black half way through my container 😆 but it turned out ok).


Just a couple of days in using the standard buffer I understand why you went all in making it better 👍 It will save lots of space and looks so good, thank you!



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