Your requests have been heard and the brackets to allow the RMU MK3 to attach seamlessly to the bear frame are now tested and complete.

The RMU brackets replace the existing electronics box brackets to hold the RMU as close to the printer as possible without choking out the vents of the electronics box.

We have tested the mainboard and RMU body heat with the RMU in this position and have found no adverse effects. both units are capable of dissipating their own heat safely even in an enclosure.

The brackets use less hardware than the MK3 frame brackets saving 2 M3x20s 2 M3x10s and 2 M3n nuts by utilising the existing hardware for the bear frame

The design process was fairly simple for the bear frame brackets, the hardest part being not increasing the BOM and keeping things as clean as possible.

The upper bracket was designed by placing an RMU in an expected location. I added material to the existing electronics box upper bracket to create a boss to fit to the anchor point on the RMU, from there, I checked the location of the lower anchor point of the RMU to make sure it wouldn’t collide with the lower frame.

The lower bracket came with its own challenges due to the distance from the hard mounting point the brackets would have to fit. I used the lower electronics box bracket for hard mounting with bracing on the extrusion to provide rigidity. It worked out that the end cap clips paired with the rail make for a very rigid, stable mounting solution reinforced by the existing bear frame hardware.

These brackets will be included in all future software packets. if you have already purchased your own copy, let us know with your order number and we will get you a fresh download.

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