Bear Frame RMU! An amazing free upgrade!

We are in the final stages of testing the new fittings for the RMU Mk3 Filament buffer for the Bear Frame.

We listened to what you in the printing community are saying and being able to fit the RMU to the Prusa Bear Frame was right up on the list! So, we are nearly ready to release the Bear Frame option along with the standard Mk3 Prusa fittings as part of our standard STL kit. For everyone that has already paid for the RMU, you will be able to download the files when they are available. 

Just like with the RMU for the standard Prusa frame, we will be providing full instructions on how to fit it.

Our chief designer, Alan, has been working hard to make the RMU filament Buffer an integral part of the Bear Frame design. Thats not an easy task so he has been able to work a little of his magic and make it all go together. He even uses the same fitting kit as supplied in both the BF001 and BF002 products so it’s a really easy change to fit the RMU to the Bear Frame.



Why the Bear Frame?

We recognise that you may want to change your Prusa i3 Mk3 or MK2 printer to a bear frame and if you already have the RMU, then its no problem. The Bear Frame STL files update will be available to all of our customers. 


The design will fit the standard Bear Frame made using 20 x 40 Aluminium Extrusion as shown in the sketches in this blog.


We will be able to show you an RMU fitted to a Bear Frame very soon!

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