RMU-Mk3 Model Variations

The RMU-Mk3 filament buffer comes in two model variations. The Mod-S and Mod-T. 

The Mod-S is our original filament buffer designed exclusively for the Prusa i3 Mk3 printer with the Prusa MMU2 fitted. 

The design of the Mod-S was to allow for left side or under desk loading of filament from the spool. 

The Mod-T variant was designed to allow for easy top feeding. Our studies have shown that top feeding is more popular and the Mod-T is specifically designed to give simple yet reliable top feeding and management of the filament. 

When you buy the RMU-Mk3 Filament Buffer STL files  to print yourself, you will get the plans to print either model so you choose which one to use.


RMU-Mk3 Filament Buffer Mod-T

The RMU-MK3 Mod-T shown here is designed to feed from above. 


In the image above you can see the complete kit of parts that make the BF001 in the Mod-T variant. 

The right side pass through adaptors feed filament into the buffer while the left side feed out the Prusa MMU.


RMU-Mk3 Filament Buffer Mod-S

The RMU-MK3 Mod-S shown here is designed to feed from the left or below. 


In the image above you can see the complete kit of parts that make the BF001 in the Mod-S variant. 

Note the layout of the pass through adaptors. The lower adaptors allow easy feeding from desk mounted or under desk spools of filament.


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  1. This is by far the best filament buffer unit design for the MMU2S! This has completely eliminated the slack filament/entangled filament issues I was having with the Prusa version and other designs. The STLs were easy to print and the video assembly instructions were clear and easy to follow. A great addition to the MMU2S, to make the printing process that much smoother!

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