Now you can attach your RMU MK3 unit to your MK2.5 printer.

A big thank you to Chris Riley for helping us test these brackets.

These brackets allow the RMU to remain in the exact same place as the MK3 printer frame and even use less hardware by utilizing existing hard points on the printer.

The MK2.5 upper bracket is very similar in design the the MK3 bracket just utilizing different holes as the ones used on the MK3 frame are not present on older models

The lower bracket was more difficult to design. It is not easy to clamp to a threaded rod when the load is trying to rotate around the rod. Eventually I settled on a design inspired by the PSU bracket by sandwiching the bracket between the M10 Left side nut and axis end with tabs holding the bracket level.

These brackets will be in all future software packets. If you have already purchased a copy, contact us with your order number and we will get a fresh download link for you.

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