Videos on the RMU-Mk3 Filament Buffer

Chris's Basement

We asked Chris Riley of Chris’s Basement to have a look at our RMU Mk3 (Prusa Filament Buffer). We sent him a kit of parts and the STL files and he made it himself. 

The review Chris gives here is in his is own words and other than supplying the kit of parts, we have not paid or sponsored him for this review.

We were blown away by what he had to say. See for yourself.



Here is how to load filament into your Mod-S and Mod-T filament buffer.



So, you have your Filament Buffer sitting on the desk in pieces. Here’s how to put it together.

Written instructions are here: Filament Buffer Assembly Instructions



This is where we establish who is the boss and answer some questions about the RMU. 

The video tackles all the questions we have been asked so far.

You can also see the RMU in action later in the video with material changes 


Technical challenges- PassThru adaptors

Early on we saw one challenge is that PassThru adaptors come in different sizes. M10-PC4 can come with a tapered thread


Assembly info video.

A short information video on the RMU buffer designed to fit the Prusa i3 Mk3. In the video you can see the side and top loader versions with a  final assembly of the top loader. At the end of the video is the full assembly of the RMU-Mk3 filament buffer fitted to the Prusa i3 Mk3 printeron the printer.